The best FUEL SAVING device ever!

Specially for NON-GTO treated cars.  Credit goes to John Sanson - of Davao Lancer Club, he has a smart sense of humor, coming up with this idea specially during days when there are no races.

Yes he hasn't been introduced to GTO... it is normal for anyone to become inventive specially during the times of need. I think it's about time he gets to know GTO and put an end to this self-limitation devices. Good idea, will try to get his testimony afterwards.

As the old adage goes... "Necessity is the mother of invention".

What the school is teaching your kids.

The DOST ETV Certificate

GTO recieves DOST ETV Certifiation

GTO (the Green Technology Oil) is now DOST ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNICAL VERIFICATION Certified.  With Certification number 11-018 As of July 26, 2012.

Congratulations OTG Guys! We made it! Now let's get back to business.

Greenland Ice Melted 100% during the last 4 days

Hello all,
As the MSM has shown satellite pictures...
ALL the ice melted in 4 days.

I ponder... at first...
how much heat...would be required to MELT 
that much... metric TONNES of ICE??
It is historical and mind-boggling to say the least.

The few people... I polled...had the singular response...
after the shock of "4 days"

"That is frightening!" 

I am NOT normal... the curious mind...of an observer....
astounded at natures ability to prove...ignorance!

Thermodynamics of that equation...melting TIME of the ICE AGE...
in spots...answered the hypothesis...
fast-melt(unpopular) theorists...who were censured.

I am stating that the "TIME SHIT HITS THE FAN" has began 
accellerating phenominally.

The FEAR factor...of visual reality...the masses...
They have actual look at...and wonder?

When is it TIME to become scared... 'paranoid'?

I told one man... about 4 months ago....
during the week of July 23, 2012...
events would become historically significant!
Just to prove a point...of my abilities!

Everyone shoud have had engines bought and at home 
and working by NOW !
Of course that did NOT happen.

Robert W Hull

Sharing Chris Browns KML Technology to the masses

Counter Clockwise is Positive and Clockwise is Negative. Plants use the Negative KML and grow well when placed within 1 foot from any plant. If the soils PH balance is not correct then you need to adjust and modify the soil to be of a normal balance! 6.5 or 7.0 is a good start for proper growth. Wearing a Negative kml provides positive energy of a natural source to the body. Don't get confused by terminology of what others have taught you and what you have read in books. Always find out for yourself. How many turns ? 10-11 is a good working model to go from. Others have tried 18 to 24 etc.. But remember a eletro magnet does not need that many turns to function. Otherwise you will need more power throughput to make up the difference. If you place things incorrectly then ? that is self explanatory no?......... a good place to view things for reference would be and check out other people there and what they have and learn something new ;) I hope this helps you and others.... as it did me.

Chris Brown

Green Tech Tuner from Gensan

Viscousity 101

For the layman...


I am always asked about viscousity, it has always been an abstract idea for many, in spite of the lengthy explanations most articles written about it.  You may use our link "All about oils" for the schooled reference.  This is also known as the box.

Now let's go out of the box.

Let's try asking the right questions:

In order to know more about viscousity, it is best to ask what is "The most viscous" material on earth.

Let's try this question asked by Mr. LOL:

"What is the thickest, most viscous substance known?

At ordinary temperature and pressure. Is it mercury?"

Yahoo answers gave us the following answers:

Best aswer: 

"It would indeed be glass. it is defined as a "supercooled liquid". You can take really old glass and measure the thickness at the top and bottom and there is a definite difference.

Beyond that, I would guess VTB. The gummy tarry stuff that ends up at the (B)ottom of (V)acuum (T)owers in refineries. It is what is left when almost every other useful lighter end is removed. It is mixed with Mineral spirits or kerosene and reheated to make asphalt and the stuff in fluorescentt light ballasts for fire prevention."

Second best:

"Mercury is terrifically dense, but it isn't viscous. It flows very readily (so much that one of its older names is 'quicksilver') and pours like water. 

Highly viscous fluids are things like tar and molasses, that pour really slowly. Some places will tell you that glass is a highly viscous liquid, which I think is BS but it gets repeated often and it might very well be the answer your teacher wants.

Edit: Old glass windows are thicker at the bottom because they were produced in nonuniform thicknesses via a pour or a crown glass process. When they were installed, it was easier to install them with the thick edge down.

Some old glass windows, installed by people who weren't paying attention, are found to be thinner at the bottom.

Wikipedia's article on glass, about a third of the way down, talks about the 'glass flowing' idea and is mostly dismissive. Its atoms aren't arranged in crystals but you'd have to watch glass for much longer than the age of the universe to observe any fluid behavior."

Third best:

Glass is not a true solid, or a crystal. It is closer
to liquid in structure.
Glass flows very very slowly. But its possible to
see the effects in windows that are hundreds of
years old, in which the bottom of the window is thicker than the top."

Viscousity defined: (source Wikipedia)

"Viscosity is a measure of the resistance of a fluid which is being deformed by eithershear stress or tensile stress. In everyday terms (and for fluids only), viscosity is "thickness" or "internal friction". Thus, water is "thin", having a lower viscosity, whilehoney is "thick", having a higher viscosity. Put simply, the less viscous the fluid is, the greater its ease of movement (fluidity).[1]
Viscosity describes a fluid's internal resistance to flow and may be thought of as a measure of fluid friction. For example, high-viscosity felsic magma will create a tall, steep stratovolcano, because it cannot flow far before it cools, while low-viscositymafic lava will create a wide, shallow-sloped shield volcano.
With the exception of superfluids, all real fluids have some resistance to stress and therefore are viscous. A fluid which has no resistance to shear stress is known as an ideal fluid or inviscid fluid. In common usage, a liquid with the viscosity less than water is known as a mobile liquid, while a substance with a viscosity substantially greater than water is simply called a viscous liquid."

The GTO Advantage:

Please read our link on ALL ABOUT OILS for the explanation.

Mutiny within...

Some stories can be told quickly... or sooner... but some shall remain untold until it's declassified.

For now... let's just keep everyone at the edge of their seats as things unfold.

The Impossible Dream.. Proof of Concept

The Racing Line TV(2012 RACS DAVAO ROUND 2 P3)

In this video, the Mr. X-Taxi project Stock 1300 Nissan Sentra was put to the real test.

It was able to achieve Champion  position in spite of all the odds.


GTO Transcended My Understanding (Part 2)

The Amazing Kinetic Magnetic Line Technology
by: Alfred Ryan D. Narag
In abbreviation, it's called "KML". Actually when I first saw it, like many first time lookers, it is funny, I kind’a laughed at it. I never knew it's tremendous potential, what it can possibly do in the electrical part of the whole machine. 

The truth is, I don't really know how the thing works... but I'm sure I will use it in my engine. As the story goes, somewhere in the last weeks of June, a fellow member by the name of Emil from Aurora, Isabela, I call him "Kuya Emil", surprisingly texted me and told me that he wants to install GTVorxins in his motorcycle and KML as well. The installation process was done at ABC Brgy. Rizal, Santiago City, Isabela. Completing all those stages (with the help of Dennis Javier) in Emil's motorcycle have become a challenge for me. In fact I'm jealous, because I remember the impression in his face (looking so lucky); and what have happened to his engine. He said "Parang nagwawalang kabayo." (Like a wild horse on rampage) I heard his adjectives, the personification of his sensation; he even compared his engine to a raging horse! Then I said to myself, I need a horse, I want a horse. He can have a horse, I can have it too! I knew from that moment, I think it's time to reconsider and open my mind for KML (because I knew that stage 2 would be enough considerably for my bike). 

That day, when Emil was equipped with all 3 stages already, came the following week where Dennis and I agreed to have our bikes installed with KML. Actually Dennis already has KML in his battery, (which was a direct sample from Sir Enrico when they visited here) but not yet in his spark plug so I convinced him to help me install KML on my battery and spark plug. Completing the right process is a very delicate task. One must know how to follow the right turn, the right size of wire, and its characteristics. Then after hours of work, it's done. We were able to put the KML in proper place. I don’t really know what will happen next. All I know is that I believe, I trust, and I can’t wait to jump into my bike and feel what happens; as if the usual adrenaline is starting to kick in when there is something new to discover. 

Naturally curious, having that kind of attitude made me learn so many things in life. With this, I explored, I went places to have an adventure, and has met so many people as far as I can remember. I’m thankful I’m curious and brave enough to explore, think, and imagine. I never knew it, but I realized that the world is here in front of me to actually explore everything. One of them, the KML. “Okey, it’s all there in their proper place, gonna wait for all electrical wirings to blow up!” I said. Yes, correct! I really have a fear of messing up my bike, but I know I’m prepared. I started my engine just as usual, looked forward, dragged the clutch, then it’s on! I rushed quickly, from first gear to the sixth… I felt my bike having more power than ever!! Then “ Ooops!” I stopped for a minute because of an emotion filling my mind and saying.. “Oh my, I think I turned my bike into a monster!” Guys I tell you, I’m so impressed by this technology, I even realized that my bike is ready for a drag race. I’m quite confident with it really!! I just needed a bunch of guys to help me get into the competition and see what’s my bike is capable of. 

A couple of days have passed; I started to notice the beeping sound from the horn of the bike, and my headlights too. It’s really amazing! The horn of my bike had more volume, the sounds started to really pinch the hole in my ear! The lights become much much more illuminated. I asked Dennis (Javier) about this and he told me that was the effect of KML. And so, now I know how it really works! I even tried it myself, I placed a well crafted KML into my neck; yes a KML necklace. I think I felt stronger because I noticed that when I’m doing something my eyes don’t get sleepy, my focus was there, I don’t get slow and had a sound sleep every night. Young ones notice me having it in my neck and they curiously ask me... I just say “Its a tribal thing, you would care to understand”, but for those mature enough, I tell the truth.

As of the moment, I use my bike to where ever I go from work to weekend demos of GTO adventure. My bike has got lots of power plus awesome amounts of torque when compared to the same bike out from the factory. Amazing acceleration in an estimated time of 3.9 seconds (or lower, depends on the driver) from 0-100 km/h (all stock). That I say, is as real as it gets plus add that whooping off the chart mileage. The 3 stages alone on my bike, I say I clearly have the power!

All the praises and thanks to all OTG Guys out there.. and of course, thanks to our God who helps us move forward to a clean and green civilization of the future!

What it takes toi be an OTG Guy?

Basic Requirements:
  1. An in depth understanding of the Green Technology Program;
  1. Updated and well versed with the blog contents of
  1. Mechanically and Technically inclined;
  1. Well versed with the internal combustion engine (No Degree needed);
  1. Must understand basic physics, electronics, electrical and chemistry;
  1. Passion for the environment and the science involved;
  1. An Open Mind and a Big Heart.
  1. Can assess the condition of an engine by using all his senses;
  1. Can figure out easily if an oil is still fit for GTO treatment or not;
  1. Can easily spot a neglected or abused engine;
  1. Can easily recommend or spot a high risk engine for GTO treatment;
  1. Can provide sugestions and recommendation for fuel savings;
  1. Can install GTP items and teach how to install them;
  1. Can teach and explain how and why GTP items work as it is attached;
  1. Can troubleshoot problems in any given automotive/ industrial/ mechanical system;
  1. Can represent OTG Technical Enterprise Inc. to any eventualities whatsoever;
  1. Can stand alone should the situation calls for it, Can manage well;
  1. Is responsible for his own moves and decisions;

Want to make your own OTG Shop?

Herewith are some basic requirements to establish an OTG Shop.


   a. Mechanic - open minded - out of the box thinker, can absorb new
ideas, TESDA cert. not necessary but a plus.
   b. Assistant - Mechanic apprentices, Helpers
   c. Secretary - In charge of receiving clients, logging, recording
data, in charge of issuing O.R., Sales Invoices, etc.


   a. Accessible - easy to locate for the public;
   b. Area - at least 100 sq.m. for a start... GTP is easy and quick
and therefore will require not so big a space;
   c. A customer lounge would be a plus but not necessary, at least
some chairs to keep them comfortable and some coffee while they wait;
   d. A high place not prone to flooding is a plus.


   a. Scan Gauge Tool (for servicing OBD 1 and OBD 2 cars)
   b. A PC or Laptop for data storing;
   c. Welding Equipment
   d. Drill Press
   e. Sheet metal snips;
   f.  Grinder/ Bench Grinder
   g. Electric Drill
   h. Basic Shop Tools -
   i. Basic ramp/ Jack/ Jack stands


   a. TESDA Certification for Automotive Shop (get hold of requirements);
   b. Mayors Permit for Business Operations as Automotive repair shop;
   c. Business Name from DTI (make your own business name, Ex.
OTG-Billy Green Tech Tuner Garage);
   d. License to operate (from the Business Bureau);
   e. O.R./ S.I. (Service / Sales Invoice)
   f.  Company Bank Account


   a. Shop stickers - helps promotes your shop;
   b. Flyers/ Brochures - get ideas from OTG-Karis website and
customize to fit your requirements;
   c. Tarpaulin Signage - Make your own design;
   d. Directional Signages - to be posted on electric posts,
directional arrows and signs to help your clients locate your shop.

These are just the basic requirements for putting up your own OTG Shop.

GTO Transcended my understanding

by: Alfred Ryan D. Narag

The world today is fast. Practically everything needs to be fast from the food that we eat in the morning, and in the rides we have to use for work. If you ask me what I have, it's the 2011 Suzuki Raider 150R. Straight out of the factory, it boasts of 145km/hr top speed, and a 25-30 km/L mileage. That, I mean is as good as it gets.

One day, I began to think about a problem.. "How do I lower my bike's diet of gasoline?" Knowing the answer to my problem, I started to run with a minimum of throttle, and maintain low speed, low rpm at all times. I was bored by it." I need speed! This is not how a Raider 150 is supposed to run..." Then I trashed all my plans out and continued on with my own driving style.

One fateful day, somewhere in March 2012, a co-worker approached me by the name of Aida Paraguison. She is the one who told me about GTO. She happens to be a downline of our beloved Brgy. Captain & Ninong Claudio P. Gamboa whom she experianced the power and finesse of GTO. Together with Dennis B. Javier, a very knowledgeable networker, they demonstrated video presentation of Sir Enrico. From the moment I understood what GTO does, I started to believe, had 2 pcs. of 15 ml bottle gone into my bike for the first time.

"Oh my God! I think I don't have to believe it, this is unlike any other oil I never thought can perform like this." I spoke to them in total excitement, it really blew my mind away! The bike run more smoothly, quieter engine operation, boosted its torque and had plenty of horsepower!! I even raced a bike like it in the highway days after GTO got into my engine. It was a blue Raider 150 with a loud muffler. I had him beaten in every aspect of the moments during the race, I literally had him overtaken easily even when he (the rider) is positioned like a drag racer. Why? From that moment 4th gear, it was 5 to 6 secs, the bike is on adrenaline pumping 135km/hr! So quick, I never knew it could ever do such a strong acceleration considering a relatively small length of distance it covered, but it's there. That experience I will never forget for my entire life!

Now, I can say, that my bike is so healthy. I have a total of 8 pcs. 15ml bottle used as of June 23rd. I also have dual GTVorxins 3 on my air cleaner assembly, a side gap technique spark plug. The bike literally can cover 55km per liter of unleaded gasoline! I race tested it, the rider told me in less than 300 m, it can reach 135 km/hr all stock!! Apart from being stronger than ever, "napakaswabe nyang gamitin" (It is so damn smooth to use} said Dennis.'

Thanks a lot guys for this opportunity of a lifetime, to use GTO, is like fulfilling a dream for our machines and transcended my understanding of the power that nature has!! God Bless!

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Notes to ponder

NASA claims that the government could slow down worldwide global warming by cutting down on soot emissions. Studies by NASA show that cutting down on soot would not only have an immediate cooling effect, but would also put a stop to many of the deaths caused by air pollution. When soot is formed, it typically travels through the air absorbing and releasing solar radiation which in turn begins to warm the atmosphere. Cutting soot emissions would be an immediate help against global warming, as the soot would quickly fall out of the atmosphere and begin to cool it down.

Cutting back on soot emissions would buy us time in our fight against global warming. Soot is caused by the partial burning of fossil fuels, wood and vegetation. Soot is known to contain over forty different cancer causing chemicals, and a complete cut would offer untold health benefits worldwide.

Environmental conservation has always been a topic for lengthy discussions, but up until recent times, global warming and climate changes were vague subjects, with no hard proof. Not surprisingly, the previous lack of attention to these issues have created a very gloomy outlook on our future. So, considering all this, what could be the biggest contributor to climate changes through global warming? Transportation - the man-made iron horses, flying machines and sea monsters, so to speak.

The question we have now is how green is our transportation? The majority of the worlds' vehicles are fueled by oil (petrol, diesel and kerosene). Even if they rely on electricity, the stations used to generate this electricity use fossil fuels for power! Excluding vehicle manufacture, transportation is responsible for 14% of the artificially created greenhouse emissions, mostly carbondioxide.

Automobiles, trains and planes are all responsible for this problem, but cars are the highest impact-makers. They release approximately six times more carbondioxide than a plane and seven times more than sea vessels.

What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution is somewhat difficult to define because many air pollutants, at low concentrations, are essential nutrients for the sustainable development of ecosystems. So, air pollution could be defined as:A state of the atmosphere, which leads to the exposure of human beings and/or ecosystems to such high levels or loads of specific compounds or mixtures thereof, that damage is caused. With very few exceptions, all compounds that are considered air pollutants have both natural as well as human-made origins.

Air pollution is not a new phenomenon; in Medieval times, the burning of coal was forbidden in London while Parliament was in session. Air pollution problems have dramatically increased in intensity as well as scale due to the increase in emissions since the Industrial Revolution.