The Green Tech Program

Is an alternative preventive/ cure program designed for all types of vehicles with an internal combustion system. It is a way to mitigate greenhouse gas right at the point of execution… addressing the call for solutions towards ‘climate change’ in a more manageable and quick method. The program is basically a technique designed to address the problem areas not totally resolved by the traditional industry approach in terms of preventive maintenance and tune ups services.

The 4 problem areas of concern are:
  • Metal Friction
  • Compression Leaks
  • Incomplete Combustion
  • Electron Flow
  • Lubricant adherance
  • Fuel / Oil Dillution
Metal Friction (metal to metal contact/ tension) Friction is the main reason for overheating which eventually causes accelerated wear and tear and resulting to over-all mechanical failure and metal fatigue. This engine dilemma is  more intensified  due to the bad effects of traditional oil inside our engines.  Why traditional (engineered) oil is bad? Traditional "engineered" oils tend to deteriorate or expire the moment it is exposed to ambient air within 3 to 6 months whether you use it or not. It is also designed to self deteriorate or degrade the moment it is subjected to temperatures above 85 deg. C. Its' degradation can be seen in the form of carbon deposits which becomes solid particles that can become abrasive to the metal... this leads to poor performance and compression leakage, and the reaction or domino effect takes place.
Compression Leaks - This is why engines with ordinary oil will perform lesser and lesser every time. The more its condition is prolonged... the more wear it will create and damage the engine.  This wearing of the cylinder liners, rings and valve seals and bearings all contribute to the vehicles poor performance... This also leads to compression leaks which also creates loss of power as well as put out unburned fuel and higher toxic fumes which can cause damage to both environment and living creatures including humans.   This forces the owner to change oil and filter as regular as possible. This engineered system ensures a repeat business cycles that is almost hard to break. This is the engineered vicious cycle that keeps the big corp. afloat... while it kills the earth systematically day by day.   What the GT Program can do to stop this?   The GT Program treatment makes the engine metal resistant against wear and tear since this oil adheres to metal due to its magnetic characteristic. It also makes the old oil less harmful, prolonging the engines’ service life as it removes friction to zero coefficient. It creates a multi graded layer of oil which can be described as that of a film of liquid forming inside the engines internal walls; encapsulating every square inch of surface area of metal specially those that are rubbing against each other, as a matter of fact, this oil tends to be more attracted to where friction is much higher, making it even more impossible for engine failure at any speed.
Incomplete Combustion is all about inefficient burning of fuel caused by a less atomized fuel spray in the intake system. Internal combustion engines work better with completely vaporized fuel, not with liquid fuel droplets.
Poor Ignition flow is caused by poor electron flows during the discharge and charging cycles which exists in any vehicles’ body ground and battery during its’ operations. This causes misfires, hard starting and poor engine performance.
No conceivable amount of tune ups or traditional oil change can fix or address the above mentioned issues.  More than 20 years of on track racing experience have led us to develop efficient ways in addressing these problems and we are now ready to share it to the world.

Stage 1: GTOil treatment Engine receives GTO treatment for the very first time. Motorbikes 250cc and below gets about 15ml. and Average Cars is treated with the 250ml. GTO or two. Trucks gets more. The rule of thumb in determining how much GTO can be added to the old oil is to determine the total oil capacity and divide this by 4. The result determines the number of bottles containing GTO recommended to be poured in the engines crank case. This is applicable to both petrol or diesel fueled engines, old or new, OBD1, OBD2 or Pre OBD system.
However GTOil can also be used as 100% motor oil replacement. But we suggest a slow transition… use the additive for at least six months to 1 year depending on the condition of the engine before replacing it totally with GTOil. Succeeding change oil interval depending on the oil service life… we expect it to be relatively and significantly longer.
Stage 1B: The Green Technology Formula Booster Treatment For really internally dirty engines (filled with carbon sludges and deposits) Stage 1 will need a Stage 1B phase. This is by adding the GTF Booster. The recomended amount of GTF is normally safely determined by dividing the total amount of of GTO Volume that was poured into the engine. You can only do this after the GTO treatment and only when the engine is cooled down. This treatment dissolves all the stubborn oil sludges and carbon deposits without compromising the lubrication adherence of the old oil and GTO mixture in the engine. It also purges out the carbon deposits inside the cylinders towards the exhaust pipe. Resulting to a much cleaner engine internals... and a much more smoother engine operation afterwards and so forth.Applicable for GTOil treated engines only. This is a formula designed to lower the emissions further down to levels of up to Euro 4 standards. This treatment however is not designed to last more than 100 km. 1 bottle is good for about 100km - more or less depending on how the vehicle is going to be used. Ideal use of this formula is for Public Utility Vehicles like PUJ's and Taxis or Buses. For best results, the PCV line of the engine must be channeled towards the vacuum line of the intake system.
Stage 1B is a consumable item and is recommended to be used as needed. Best time to use this treatment is before the annual vehicle Emissions testing prior to Vehicle Registration.
What to expect with Stage 1B treatment?... More torque specially at the lower power band range, enabling lesser throttle required to move the vehicle to your preferred cruising speed. Works for both Diesel and Gasoline... The best effects were seen from Diesel Engines so far.
Diesel engines using GTO as engine oil can have even greater benefits from Stage 1B, adding a even a small amount of GTFormula Booster can further improve performance. 1 liter added into the oil crank case per week is enough to significantly reduce pollution (no more black smoke and bad smell) and significantly improve performance never seen before with the diesel engine history. This will keep it cleaner and more powerful at all times.
Gasoline fed engines with GTO as engine oil can also enjoy the same benefit from using 250 ml. of GTFormula Booster per week. For small engines below 1000cc capacity, 0.25 to 0.50 liter is enough dosage per treatment schedule, although this is not necessary.
Stage 2: GTVorxin :  Probably the worlds' simplest, cheapest, quickest Climate Solution Gadget or Device. It requires just a few simple tools and steps to install to the engine intake system. It is derived from a research work about vortices for the past 4 years derived from a hundred year old technology authored by Victor Schauberg (an Austrian Scientist, Philosopher and Inventor). The GTVorxin is also inspired by Chris Brown (a pioneer OTG member, inventor of KML lines). This device is designed using Sacred Geometry as well as it is by divine providence the perfect material to mimic an ionic environment inside the intake manifold area. The Vortex swirl induced by the engine vacuum proves to be the most superior way of air induction versus the Forced Induction Turbulent flow created by Turbo Chargers The Disadvantage of Turbo is they require more power, more fuel, more work, more components in order to produce More Power. This is a wasteful way of creating power, it is also a way to shorten the life of the engine. With so much power wasted in order to make Too Much power where more resources is also wasted, Turbo Charging proves to be the most inefficient way to achieve power, performance and economy and machine longetivity all at the same time.
How it works and why? GTVOrxins create a Laminar Swirl Flow... this type of air flow is created because of the pulling action created by the engine vacuum as it aspires ambient air into its' intake. As the vacuum pulls, air mass is being pulled through the vorxin which guides its' flow into a specific rotation... this rotational direction mimics that of the natural universal vortex energy flow found in nature. This flow is also considered a Resonant directional flow. This flow allows more air density to be pulled in without the use of any mechanical blowers or compressors which requires mechanical and electrical power or load. This natural aspiration enhancement technique creates an air flywheel that creates its' own momentum, since it is virtuall an air screw with a more tightly, finely, squeezed pitch, it can mix the fuel and air into a higher degree of homogenous state. This effect creates a higher degree of air/fuel volatility resulting to a much explosive fuel mixture resulting to more power, cleaner burn and naturally - greater economy/ higher mileage gains.
Stage 2X3: GTVortex FAST... (FULL ASPIRATION SYSTEM TECHNIQUE)(consisting of the GTVortex intake system a.k.a. GTVorxins and the GTExtractor power exhaust system) the GTVortex system a.k.a. FAST (Full Aspiration System Technique) entails a non invasive  minor modification of your intake system and your exhaust end section system. Utilizing a universal principle that underlies every form of energies, the intake system becomes charged with vortex swirls oriented to the correct direction allows a more vaporized fuel aspiration which results to better combustion. The Exit gas is also swirled to the correct orientation that induces a good back pressure to the exhaust passage and a more forceful but smoother exit flow of the gas at the tail end. To some extent, this technique can also be considered or called as "Torque Intake and Exhaust"  or "Vacuum Torque Aspiration".  With this system in your vehicle, it can draw significant power increase that you can feel. Different torque and HP figures apply with different vehicles. A Ballpark figure will be in the range of about 30% or perhaps MORE... increase in power as a result of a very much improved aspiration.
The FAST package will also include an FILTER-LESS Air cleaner inspired with sacred geometry and Vortex Science. We already have 1 prototype working and production will also be implement soon.
Stage 3: GTXiE Ignition Enhancer…(applicable for old Spark ignition engines only) this device improves electron flow. It guarantees stronger ignition sparks and longer battery life. It takes about 5 minutes to install… with the 2 stages already in place, this device guarantees an optimal vehicle performance as well as extend battery life to more than it’s normal service life. The suggested price is P2,500.00 (installation included/ one time only).
This device works best on all gasoline fueled cars with single ignition coils (with a normal distributor)( a.k.a. ‘non-coil on plug system’). In case of newer cars with coil-on plug design, a ZPE battery boost device instead of the Ignition Enhancer will do the job just the same to improve the entire electrical system of the car eliminating the design flaw of fuel-injected electronics that normally cause the delayed throttle response.
Ignition enhancement is very much possible for all gasoline engines with spark ignition that utilizes an ignition coil, it may apply also with OBD-I or OBD-II alike.
Other than the stages mentioned above, we suggest all non coil-on plug gasoline engines to use zero resistance spark plugs and zero resistance spark plug wires.
Stage 3X: Super 7 KML Coils  This is an alternative to the GTXiE for other engines without the old ignition system. For example, Diesel, OBD1 and OBD2, Direct Injection Engines... Authored by Chris Brown, inspired by Tesla, this device is considered a more magical or mysterious effect. However, nothing is really mysterious to electron flow science. The KML Coils act like a recoil, induction capacitor that accumulates energy and springs it back into the electrical system like a slingshot for every electronic pulses it receives... now imagine that a thousand times per millisecond. The vehicle will feel more rejuvenated with a quicker and forceful electron flow within the system. Not only does it induces electron flow... it also enhances the ionic flow in the surroundings around it. Many term this as a Zero Point Energy component which taps into the ethers... as a matter of fact, they are correct about it. The KML is actually an ethereal antenna that is so sensitive, it is the best way to tap into energy from the earths ionosphere without obvious ground contact. KML stands for KINETIC MAGNETIC LINE. Add one of this into a vehicle and you can feel the difference in the performance right away... obvious changes are easily seen on small motorbikes by as much as 30% increase in power, specially with 2 stroke engines.
Stage 5: Zero Resistance Ignition Cables (ZRIC) - also a made to order item, where your old cables are traded in as core exchange, while the connectors are removed from the old one and retrofitted to the new cables. This allows more electrical energy to be transferred from the ignition coils towards the spark plugs... to be used with the Ignition enhancer only.
Stage 6: Injector Enhancer System (IES)... a.k.a. W12 Box - this black box is tapped into the negative lines of your fuel injector solenoids.. while a positive line is tapped to your ignition line. This allows your injector to pulse (push and pull back) much faster than normal. This quick pulsing action creates a better and more accurate fuel mapping which results to sharper revving and acceleration performance...the improved efficiency also adds to improved driving mileage.
Stage 7:  GTExtractor - Probably the worlds most powerful way to extract power on the exhaust section of the engine. This is also the best sounding pipe ever. It not only creates more torque, but it reduces emissions much further since it creates an implosion effect inside the vortex chamber where hydrocarbons are further reduced and disintegrated. To some extent, it may be considered as an afterburner. This is a made to order item to suite the particular power , sound and aesthetic requirement of the client. This is also an optional item to complete the stages of the Green Tech Program.
More Technical Talks: Designed to extract the best back pressure required by the engine at any engine speed to provide the best and highest torque available. This unorthodox muffler/ resonator design creates an air mass flywheel in the exhaust system similar to the GTVorxins but on the different orientation. Since the mass of air is pushed outside the pipe, it is swirled in a specific direction and angle to create a laminal swirl vortex that mimic the centrifugal motion in a vortex. the GTVorxin mimics the Centripetal while the GTExtractor mimics the centrifugal force since this is being pushed outwards. However, this push once directed.
Stage 7X: GTVortex RS (Reformation System)- This system allows your car to create it's own supplemental hybrid fuel that is fed into your engine at the same time... as the engine builds up heat, the system starts to work, the vortex reactor reforms engine fumes and recirculated exhaust gases and channel them back into your combustion chamber in the form of combustible gas... the effect is less fuel needed to produce the same work. - Please inquire with the authorized OTG service shop for more details. This is a made to order item only. Reserved for the Seriously Green Minded Individual...

·           Lesser need to change oil every PMS
·           Lesser need to change oil filters!
·          Reduced maintenance by more than 50% or more!
·          Cooler Engine temperature
·          Extends Spark Plug and Battery life!
·          Reduced Emission by over 80%
·          ·          Increase engine torque by 10% to 20% or more!!!
·          Increase fuel mileage from 10% to over 25% or more!!!

Too Good to be True? ... 
... Try it then.

Drive without the guilt of killing our planet and become part of the solution in saving the planet. Reduce your carbon footprint now!


This is probably one of the cheapest, easiest solution to polution!... The OTG Group thought we should share this to the public. It's so easy, we thought we should teach everyone how to do it... or if you prefer us to do it for you, why not?... Just ask any authorized OTG - Technician about it.
This technique can improve your mileage by as much as 40%!... from an actual testimony from San Francisco Bay Area.
(This item is added 09.22.10)

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Notes to ponder

NASA claims that the government could slow down worldwide global warming by cutting down on soot emissions. Studies by NASA show that cutting down on soot would not only have an immediate cooling effect, but would also put a stop to many of the deaths caused by air pollution. When soot is formed, it typically travels through the air absorbing and releasing solar radiation which in turn begins to warm the atmosphere. Cutting soot emissions would be an immediate help against global warming, as the soot would quickly fall out of the atmosphere and begin to cool it down.

Cutting back on soot emissions would buy us time in our fight against global warming. Soot is caused by the partial burning of fossil fuels, wood and vegetation. Soot is known to contain over forty different cancer causing chemicals, and a complete cut would offer untold health benefits worldwide.

Environmental conservation has always been a topic for lengthy discussions, but up until recent times, global warming and climate changes were vague subjects, with no hard proof. Not surprisingly, the previous lack of attention to these issues have created a very gloomy outlook on our future. So, considering all this, what could be the biggest contributor to climate changes through global warming? Transportation - the man-made iron horses, flying machines and sea monsters, so to speak.

The question we have now is how green is our transportation? The majority of the worlds' vehicles are fueled by oil (petrol, diesel and kerosene). Even if they rely on electricity, the stations used to generate this electricity use fossil fuels for power! Excluding vehicle manufacture, transportation is responsible for 14% of the artificially created greenhouse emissions, mostly carbondioxide.

Automobiles, trains and planes are all responsible for this problem, but cars are the highest impact-makers. They release approximately six times more carbondioxide than a plane and seven times more than sea vessels.

What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution is somewhat difficult to define because many air pollutants, at low concentrations, are essential nutrients for the sustainable development of ecosystems. So, air pollution could be defined as:A state of the atmosphere, which leads to the exposure of human beings and/or ecosystems to such high levels or loads of specific compounds or mixtures thereof, that damage is caused. With very few exceptions, all compounds that are considered air pollutants have both natural as well as human-made origins.

Air pollution is not a new phenomenon; in Medieval times, the burning of coal was forbidden in London while Parliament was in session. Air pollution problems have dramatically increased in intensity as well as scale due to the increase in emissions since the Industrial Revolution.