GTO Transcended My Understanding (Part 2)

The Amazing Kinetic Magnetic Line Technology
by: Alfred Ryan D. Narag
In abbreviation, it's called "KML". Actually when I first saw it, like many first time lookers, it is funny, I kind’a laughed at it. I never knew it's tremendous potential, what it can possibly do in the electrical part of the whole machine. 

The truth is, I don't really know how the thing works... but I'm sure I will use it in my engine. As the story goes, somewhere in the last weeks of June, a fellow member by the name of Emil from Aurora, Isabela, I call him "Kuya Emil", surprisingly texted me and told me that he wants to install GTVorxins in his motorcycle and KML as well. The installation process was done at ABC Brgy. Rizal, Santiago City, Isabela. Completing all those stages (with the help of Dennis Javier) in Emil's motorcycle have become a challenge for me. In fact I'm jealous, because I remember the impression in his face (looking so lucky); and what have happened to his engine. He said "Parang nagwawalang kabayo." (Like a wild horse on rampage) I heard his adjectives, the personification of his sensation; he even compared his engine to a raging horse! Then I said to myself, I need a horse, I want a horse. He can have a horse, I can have it too! I knew from that moment, I think it's time to reconsider and open my mind for KML (because I knew that stage 2 would be enough considerably for my bike). 

That day, when Emil was equipped with all 3 stages already, came the following week where Dennis and I agreed to have our bikes installed with KML. Actually Dennis already has KML in his battery, (which was a direct sample from Sir Enrico when they visited here) but not yet in his spark plug so I convinced him to help me install KML on my battery and spark plug. Completing the right process is a very delicate task. One must know how to follow the right turn, the right size of wire, and its characteristics. Then after hours of work, it's done. We were able to put the KML in proper place. I don’t really know what will happen next. All I know is that I believe, I trust, and I can’t wait to jump into my bike and feel what happens; as if the usual adrenaline is starting to kick in when there is something new to discover. 

Naturally curious, having that kind of attitude made me learn so many things in life. With this, I explored, I went places to have an adventure, and has met so many people as far as I can remember. I’m thankful I’m curious and brave enough to explore, think, and imagine. I never knew it, but I realized that the world is here in front of me to actually explore everything. One of them, the KML. “Okey, it’s all there in their proper place, gonna wait for all electrical wirings to blow up!” I said. Yes, correct! I really have a fear of messing up my bike, but I know I’m prepared. I started my engine just as usual, looked forward, dragged the clutch, then it’s on! I rushed quickly, from first gear to the sixth… I felt my bike having more power than ever!! Then “ Ooops!” I stopped for a minute because of an emotion filling my mind and saying.. “Oh my, I think I turned my bike into a monster!” Guys I tell you, I’m so impressed by this technology, I even realized that my bike is ready for a drag race. I’m quite confident with it really!! I just needed a bunch of guys to help me get into the competition and see what’s my bike is capable of. 

A couple of days have passed; I started to notice the beeping sound from the horn of the bike, and my headlights too. It’s really amazing! The horn of my bike had more volume, the sounds started to really pinch the hole in my ear! The lights become much much more illuminated. I asked Dennis (Javier) about this and he told me that was the effect of KML. And so, now I know how it really works! I even tried it myself, I placed a well crafted KML into my neck; yes a KML necklace. I think I felt stronger because I noticed that when I’m doing something my eyes don’t get sleepy, my focus was there, I don’t get slow and had a sound sleep every night. Young ones notice me having it in my neck and they curiously ask me... I just say “Its a tribal thing, you would care to understand”, but for those mature enough, I tell the truth.

As of the moment, I use my bike to where ever I go from work to weekend demos of GTO adventure. My bike has got lots of power plus awesome amounts of torque when compared to the same bike out from the factory. Amazing acceleration in an estimated time of 3.9 seconds (or lower, depends on the driver) from 0-100 km/h (all stock). That I say, is as real as it gets plus add that whooping off the chart mileage. The 3 stages alone on my bike, I say I clearly have the power!

All the praises and thanks to all OTG Guys out there.. and of course, thanks to our God who helps us move forward to a clean and green civilization of the future!

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