GTVorxin X2

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The Green Apple Starter Kit (GAS Kit):
1 Bottle GTO 250ml.
1 GTXiE Ignition Enhancer
1 GTVorxin

plus 1 Free GTVorxin!!!

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This Technology is Applicable to the following Vehicles:

Gasoline, Diesel, LPG
OBD1, OBD2 or Pre OBD Systems
Ideal also for Hydrogen Powered Engines

Save the planet NOW!

Give yourself and your car a favor... Green Tune it!

Enjoy real power without the Guilt!

Power without the compromise!


This video is about how an OTG Guy would Green Tune a problematic, battered, Hyundai Elantra GLSi...

The car belongs to a Tita of mine...

She was bent on selling the car as is where is.... too many mechanics tried fixing it and they cannot find anything wrong with it.

According to the owner... it just stalls in the middle of the street without a warning. It also doesn't start in the morning when the engine is cold... aside from it's very poor performance.

I didn't replace the plugs - it has Platinum plugs... I left the old oil in tact...

I just did the basic Green tech program... with some OTG way of trouble shooting and fixing.

I told the owner that I cannot release her car unless I am confident that it is road worthy and safe for her to use.

The suspension system was actually in a very dangerous condition already when I was road testing it... I had it fixed along with the front brakes immediately when I got the chance.

For OTG Guys... you will be encountering old cars with poor maintenance... since the owners dont pay attention to this common maintenance issue - it is our job to remind them or do it for them.

With great power and knowledge... comes Great responsibility.

Who says being an OTG Guy is easy?...

Green Technology Program... Practical Climate Solutions.... from the Off the Grid Technology guys.... soon to make the next big wave.

Music Credit goes to: Positively Dark
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Carbon Footprint Calculator

Notes to ponder

NASA claims that the government could slow down worldwide global warming by cutting down on soot emissions. Studies by NASA show that cutting down on soot would not only have an immediate cooling effect, but would also put a stop to many of the deaths caused by air pollution. When soot is formed, it typically travels through the air absorbing and releasing solar radiation which in turn begins to warm the atmosphere. Cutting soot emissions would be an immediate help against global warming, as the soot would quickly fall out of the atmosphere and begin to cool it down.

Cutting back on soot emissions would buy us time in our fight against global warming. Soot is caused by the partial burning of fossil fuels, wood and vegetation. Soot is known to contain over forty different cancer causing chemicals, and a complete cut would offer untold health benefits worldwide.

Environmental conservation has always been a topic for lengthy discussions, but up until recent times, global warming and climate changes were vague subjects, with no hard proof. Not surprisingly, the previous lack of attention to these issues have created a very gloomy outlook on our future. So, considering all this, what could be the biggest contributor to climate changes through global warming? Transportation - the man-made iron horses, flying machines and sea monsters, so to speak.

The question we have now is how green is our transportation? The majority of the worlds' vehicles are fueled by oil (petrol, diesel and kerosene). Even if they rely on electricity, the stations used to generate this electricity use fossil fuels for power! Excluding vehicle manufacture, transportation is responsible for 14% of the artificially created greenhouse emissions, mostly carbondioxide.

Automobiles, trains and planes are all responsible for this problem, but cars are the highest impact-makers. They release approximately six times more carbondioxide than a plane and seven times more than sea vessels.

What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution is somewhat difficult to define because many air pollutants, at low concentrations, are essential nutrients for the sustainable development of ecosystems. So, air pollution could be defined as:A state of the atmosphere, which leads to the exposure of human beings and/or ecosystems to such high levels or loads of specific compounds or mixtures thereof, that damage is caused. With very few exceptions, all compounds that are considered air pollutants have both natural as well as human-made origins.

Air pollution is not a new phenomenon; in Medieval times, the burning of coal was forbidden in London while Parliament was in session. Air pollution problems have dramatically increased in intensity as well as scale due to the increase in emissions since the Industrial Revolution.