"FEAR of the unknown is the most idiotic thing there is."
as my father always say... "There is nothing to fear but fear itself".

Let me do a little homily on this nugget for reflection:

Let's talk about the present drama where I am involved and plenty of networkers as well.

For those who are enrolled in this MLM system, even if the ties is severed between me the supplier and rightful owner of the brand and product idea (not of the MLM). It does not mean you will all be lessened.

Think of it as a healthy experience. A growing pain, as grafting would do a tree better in order to make it healthier and grow more fruits.

You will never appreciate the fact that I had to pull the steering wheel a quick right turn until you go back and see the cliff where we were all supposed to be headed.

There's a thousand and one ways to skin a cat... and MLM is not the only way.

No matter how hard you work. No matter how smart you work, it's all about who controls the positions.

This is like a bank, we are all the depositors, we earn a miniscule percentage of interest only. If we don't use our assets elsewhere, then it will only be limited to the growth designed by the bank. While the bank has full disposition of the assets in its vault. Whether it plays FOREX, or invests in Real Estate, we have no control, only the Banker has that privilege.

The first technology OTGTE pledged to offer is... "LIBERATION TECHNOLOGY".

If you contemplate on the term I used... it's not really about a gadget. It's actually a platform of philosophy. I have designed the whole thing (GTO included) to be fool proof against potential MONOPOLISTS.

It's a fail safe program to keep the original cause and intent to be in tact, even if they try to sabotage the company and me personally.

It's designed to bring shame to those who plan to grab credit for themselves alone.

It's designed to limit the growth of those who wish to grab control and dominance of it at the expense of the vast majority.

The density of thought placed in this item alone is too much to put in this post. But talk about Philosophy, Theology, Science, Physics and Moral Law all combined. If you are a person who loves details, it will be impossible for you to understand the WHY's for this item. If you are a person of abstract reasoning, then it will be impossible for you to grasp it's technicalities. You need to be a modern Renaissance man to fully understand the whole concept and context of this item.

As Da Vinci feels the need to embed codes of data in his paintings...
As Einstein derived clues from the notes of his music...
As Tesla has foreseen the results in the distant future based on his observation of the present...
As Fibonacci sees the relationship of everything in terms of proportional balance.
Liberation Technology is as it is.

Just be glad that every man woman and child is blessed with this.
It is a transitional technology as well. For those who have an insight to this already, you can just sit back and relax. But for those who are given false teachings about it or should I say, clueless about it... Don't worry, it doesn't bite... And for those who are against OTGTE, dont worry, it wont bite, unless you take heed and reflect.

This ends my homily for today with regards to the FEAR of the unknown.

I declare ownership of this material and nobody is allowed to repost part or partial of this, unless it is the whole context and unless my name is included as it's rightful owner. No to Plagiarism!

Peace be with you.

Enrico Salgado Luga
OTG Technologies Enterprise
Founder of OTG Guys
Founding Father - The Green Technology Oil

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Carbon Footprint Calculator

Notes to ponder

NASA claims that the government could slow down worldwide global warming by cutting down on soot emissions. Studies by NASA show that cutting down on soot would not only have an immediate cooling effect, but would also put a stop to many of the deaths caused by air pollution. When soot is formed, it typically travels through the air absorbing and releasing solar radiation which in turn begins to warm the atmosphere. Cutting soot emissions would be an immediate help against global warming, as the soot would quickly fall out of the atmosphere and begin to cool it down.

Cutting back on soot emissions would buy us time in our fight against global warming. Soot is caused by the partial burning of fossil fuels, wood and vegetation. Soot is known to contain over forty different cancer causing chemicals, and a complete cut would offer untold health benefits worldwide.

Environmental conservation has always been a topic for lengthy discussions, but up until recent times, global warming and climate changes were vague subjects, with no hard proof. Not surprisingly, the previous lack of attention to these issues have created a very gloomy outlook on our future. So, considering all this, what could be the biggest contributor to climate changes through global warming? Transportation - the man-made iron horses, flying machines and sea monsters, so to speak.

The question we have now is how green is our transportation? The majority of the worlds' vehicles are fueled by oil (petrol, diesel and kerosene). Even if they rely on electricity, the stations used to generate this electricity use fossil fuels for power! Excluding vehicle manufacture, transportation is responsible for 14% of the artificially created greenhouse emissions, mostly carbondioxide.

Automobiles, trains and planes are all responsible for this problem, but cars are the highest impact-makers. They release approximately six times more carbondioxide than a plane and seven times more than sea vessels.

What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution is somewhat difficult to define because many air pollutants, at low concentrations, are essential nutrients for the sustainable development of ecosystems. So, air pollution could be defined as:A state of the atmosphere, which leads to the exposure of human beings and/or ecosystems to such high levels or loads of specific compounds or mixtures thereof, that damage is caused. With very few exceptions, all compounds that are considered air pollutants have both natural as well as human-made origins.

Air pollution is not a new phenomenon; in Medieval times, the burning of coal was forbidden in London while Parliament was in session. Air pollution problems have dramatically increased in intensity as well as scale due to the increase in emissions since the Industrial Revolution.